Why do you think that your lipido is low? How can you make positive changes in your sexual life?

Why do you think that your lipido is low? How can you make positive changes in your sexual life?
Posted by : Author        20-05-2020

Some men do not actually express sexual problems easily even in this age of sexual liberation. It might hurt their self esteem. Sexual strength defines their masculinity in a raw sense.  They have low lipido and they do not admit it easily. Stuck up in the hectic lifestyle, people do not find the way to satisfy their sexual needs. People are often worried about how to earn in the best possible ways. Needs of the family are seen as first priority. Sexual needs get suppressed underneath. Ejaculation of the penis gets lessened. Men develop less desire to have sex.


There are physical and psychological disorders which actually need to be taken care of that actually suppress the sexual desire in men. Such disorders are highlighted as follows:


1)    Low testosterone level in the body which can  be indicated by low lipido, poor muscular condition and weakness in the energy level.

2)   Prostatitis is another form of major physical sickness that causes swelling and inflammation of prostate glands. It badly affects the urinary tract by lessening the flow of urine. It makes a stronger impact on the sexual dysfunction.

3)   Heart disease and low lipido level can be easily linked. If one side of your heart is affected then it would weaken the sexual functionality of a person. Blood flow to the genital will slow down from the heart.

4)    Inability to perform sex or poor erection affects the mind with depression. 

5)   A man affected by stress and anxiety blocks the brain to send signals to the penis for erection.


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