Are you Disappointed with the Small Size of Your Penis and its Poor Erection

Are you Disappointed with the Small Size of Your Penis and its Poor Erection
Posted by : Author        07-05-2020

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

A satisfactory sex life is what a man yearns for and if not fulfilled then he finds his existence as living in hell. There are certain signs or symptoms indicating malfunctioning of penis.  Such symptoms are highlighted below: 

1)Not every man gets an erection easily or even he gets it, it does not last long. 

2)Angle of erection may change or a softer erection may also happen. It is absolutely the case of erectile dysfunction. 

3)Size of the penis is what matters in case of normal erection. If it remains small and does not erect for sex then it is high time to see a solution through treatment or medication.  

But firstly, it is required to understand whether erectile failure of the penis is due to physical or psychological factors.  It is required to see a doctor or sexologist to verify the origin of the erectile dysfunctiom. Medical research done on the poor erection of the penis has come out with certain proven facts given below:


  1. Diet: With the research done on the health history of the man, it has been found that whatever is good for the heart of a man , it is good for the penis. It means that if he eats unhealthy food items then there will be less blood flow to the heart and it will cause high cholesterol and high blood sugar.  In the same way, his sex organ would be also affected because of poor circulation of the blood and there will be no or poor erection of penis. 

  2.  Increasing weight causes other health complications like high blood sugar level. Being under the condition of Diabetes, it is very difficult to focus on sex life.

  3. Lack of physical exercise can also impair the sexual power of the man. Going for a walk in the morning and participating in outdoor sports can also boost testosterone level. 

  4. Anxiety and stress that often arises from the nature of profession or the workplace. It causes hindrance in keeping the romantic relationship with the partner and getting a good amount of sexual pleasure. It ruins the mental health of a man as he might face trouble from his partner's end due to poor erection.

  5. Often a man with no active sex life or low testosterone level finds to boost his energy with the help of drugs and alcohol. Such activities does not bring any solution to the running sex problem. On the contrary, his nerves get weakened and he finds darkness ahead in his life.   


Is there any solution in Ayurveda for repairing Erectile Dysfunction?


There is nothing harm in trying Male enhancement pills for increasing the size of penis and for better erection. Definitely a good amount of research work is required for finding the best penis enlargement medicines in India. Mustang is one of them and there are certainly some following reasons which makes any man to rely on:

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4)Duration time of intercourse also increases.

5) Driving the man towards more healthy appetite and happiness in life.